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Uji Stabilitas Fisik Formula Krim yang Mengandung Ekstrak Kacang Kedelai (Glycine max)

Rosmala Dewi , Effionora Anwar , Yunita K S



Soybean extract has known for its antiaging potential. The  addition  of  soybean  extract was predicted can influence the physical  stability  of  the  cream.  Therefore, this research was aimed to test the physical stability of cream contained  soybean extract in different concentration  (2%,  4%,  6%,  and  8%).  The  physical  stability  test including the storage for eight weeks at room temperature, high temperature (40°±2°C), and low temperature (4°±2°C). Stability parameters were the organoleptic observation, pH, globul size, viscosity, and cycling test. Those four cream formula showed good stability in organoleptic, pH, globul size, viscosity, and cycling test.

Keywords: cream, soybean, Physical Stability Testing

Published at: Vol 1, No 3 (2014) pages: 194-208

DOI: 10.7454/psr.v1i3.3484

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