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Formulasi Tablet salut Teofilin Menggunakan Eksipien Koproses Pregelatinisasi pati Singkong- Metilselulosa sebagai bahan Penyalut

Rangga Pradana , Chaidir Chaidir , Effionora Anwar



Pregelatinized cassava star

ch (PCS) is a physically modified starch. The purposes of
the study were to improve functionality of PCS with making coprocess composed of
PCS and methylcellulose (MC) by proportionally variation, which are 2:1, 3:1, and
4:1, as well as to applied co-processed excipient that could retard the drug release as
coating material of theophylline tablet. Coprocessed excipient were characterized in
terms of morphology, particle size distribution, compressibility index, flow rate and
angle of repose, thermal analysis, hygroscopicity, gel strength, swelling test, and
moiety analysis. Theophylline tablet that coated by PCS, MC, and co-processed PCSMC
ratio (4:1) characterized and in vitro drug release were made in chloride medium
of pH 1,2 and phosphate medium of pH 7,2. The characterization result of co-processed
PCS-MC showed the improvement of functionality from PCS and synergism
PCS with MC. Meanwhile, the result of in vitro drug release showed theophylline
tablet that coated by MC 1%, co-processed PCS-MC (4:1) 4% and 2% could retard
the drug release in both medium.
Keywords : co-prosses, pregelatinized cassava starch, methylcellulose, theophylline,
coated tablet.

Published at: Vol 7, No 1 (2010) pages: 49-62

DOI: 10.7454/psr.v7i1.3450

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