About the Journal


Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, an official journal from Faculty of Pharmacy, Universitas Indonesia, aims to disseminate research results and findings in Pharmacy, Pharmaceutical Sciences and Practices, also related areas. Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research is a peer-reviewed, open access journal that publishes original research articles as well as review articles.


The subject areas covered by the journal are:

  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
  • Pharmacognosy and Pytochemistry
  • Clinical Pharmacy,
  • Pharmacology-Toxicology
  • Social and Administrative Pharmacy


Originality of Content PSR

Author Information Page on Originality of Content

PSR’s policies on the originality of an author’s work begin with the following statement: “Authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor which is under review for another publication.” In addition, the following policies offer further clarification on originality in several different contexts 

Responsibilities of authors of articles published by PSR 

When submitting a manuscript, authors should attest that the material has not been previously published or still under active consideration by another publication, and that they have not transferred any rights to the article to another party.
Therefore,  withdrawing the submitted article which is already under reviewed is not allowed and a penalty of 2 (two) consecutive years will be applied.

If authors have used their own previously published work(s) as a basis for a new submission, they are required to cite the previous work(s) and very briefly indicate how the new submission offers substantive novel contributions beyond those of the previously published work(s). 

Any infringings will incur journal sanctions.

Editorial reuse of previously published material 

It is common in technical publishing for material to be presented at various stages of its evolution. As one example, this can take the form of publishing early ideas in a workshop, more developed work in a conference and fully developed contributions as papers/articles. The PSR recognizes the importance of this evolutionary publication process as a significant means of scientific communication and fully supports this publishing paradigm. At the same time the PSR requires that this evolutionary process be fully referenced. 

Author obligation to cite previous work 

If author(s), within the evolutionary publishing paradigm, have used their own previously published or submitted material as a basis for a new submission, it requires that the author(s) cite the previous work(s) and very clearly indicate how the new submission differs from the previously published work(s). 

Author obligation to inform editors of previous work 

Authors should only submit original work that has neither appeared elsewhere for publication, nor which is under review for another refereed publication. Multiple submission is defined as a given manuscript being concurrently under active consideration by two or more publications. PSR Board will decide to allow or not for multiple submission, based on authors information to the Board.


Plagiarism Check

All articles submitted and to be published in PSR will be checked for its originality with Turnitin® and Grammarly®.



PSR Editors treat all submitted manuscripts and communication with authors and reviewers as confidential. It is expected that authors will also treat communication with the journal as confidential. Correspondence with the journal, reviewers' reports, and other confidential material must not be posted on any website or otherwise publicised without prior permission from the editors, regardless of if the submission is published or not.



Opinions expressed in articles and creative pieces published in PSR are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the editorial board or the publisher.